A: We have listed the types of businesses that are suitable for our web concept for you. Please read here.

A: If you are interested, please fill out the quote form and we will state the requirements you need to provide. Please click here.

A: Ordinary will take 7-14 days and there are customers we are expecting faster than this period.

A: For starters, you will pay the deposit as stated in the quotation and the balance must be settled upon the completion of the web revision phase.

A: We only accept payment by cash, check or online bank in for certain bank account only. The account number will be given in the later quotation.

A: Upon expiration of the warranty period, if there are some additions or maintenance, you will have to pay for our services at the designated cost. In case of major changes, costs will be incurred and if small changes will be assisted free of charge.

A: You can deal with us via email or phone. You can also send materials via e-mail. Whats App is the fastest medium of discussion we’ve always used.

A: We provide manual videos for you to update your website. If you need people to take care of your website, only RM150 – RM500 per month for us to help keep your web working like updating the web information and security. You can read here Website Security & Maintenance.

A: You will be provided with:

  • Quotations.
  • Receipt / payment receipt.
  • Host domain payment invoices.
  • Sample web design.
  • Outline timeline.
  • The document you need to provide.
  • Full details of hosting, logging in on the web, hosting the subscriber area and more.
  • A basic tutorial for managing your site.
  • Tutorials on hosting domain updates.
  • Whats App support.

A: We try to give a special price to the customer and the offer is still practiced by us every month. Price based design is either succinct or complicated. The current price is between RM150 – RM450 per logo. * The price is still below the market price. Please refer to our promotional price here.

A: The time taken depends on the difficulty level of the logo being made. Time taken between 1 to 3 days.

A: We will give you 3 draft logos and you can choose the best and then you can inform us for the logo of your choice until you are satisfied.

A: The important professional logo:

  1. Attract new customers.
  2. As your company’s identity.
  3. Customers will be happy to remember your company / business.
  4. Shows your business is unique to others.
  5. Build your customers’ confidence.

A: If you are interested in our services, you may contact or WhatsApp us here.