Our Customer Testimonials

Thanks to all the customers who use our services. Thank you once again for your testimonials. We appreciate it very much!

Trauma Cheated 2 Times Web Designer

The web is so beautiful. The logo look profesional as well. Thanks to Designer Mr Imran. I did not think the web was made very fast. I have been disappointed with the previous web designer. Website are not ready. When I’m trying to contact, I lost their contact. Thank God.. I found Mr. Imran. The web as I expected. packaged and mobile friendly. Whatever … you’re the best. Sorry for a lot of trouble 1-2 am asking you a question. You are still answers me at nights. Thank you.

Rozaini Araman

Rozaini AramanDamansara, Selangor

The old web has hacked been restored

Alhamdulillah … Thank you very much for the aid of the Berjayaweb team because it helps to restore my old web site to Turkish hacker – RedHack. I do not know how to ask for help. The old company’s designer calls have never been. Stress is right for me because of all the agents and start to get angry because they can’t make¬† the order. Anyway thanks very much for helping me. The cost is cheap and the service is very good.

Irna Yaniza

Irna YanizaSetapak, Kuala Lumpur

Working Hard, Creative & Patience

Okey Mr Imran, I have checked, all done. Alhamdulillah is about to be fully completed by zuheira.com. Thank you so much Imran for all the hard work, creativity and patience to entertain us. Well done and we’re quite satisfied.

Encik Amir Zuheira

Encik Amir ZuheiraShah Alam, Selangor - Zuheira

3 Times Service With Berjayaweb

The best service for web development so far and I do not think I need to invest my money to other website designers. I think I got a service from Berjayaweb for the 3rd time on my business web. The system used is very easy to handle and every problem gets good email and Whatsapp feedback. Berjayaweb and team, you are the best. Keep up the good work!

En Muhamad Hazrul

En Muhamad HazrulPuchong, Selangor

10 Times Double Quality From Price

Initially I represented the company choosing Berjayaweb because the package offered was affordable compared to other companies. Looking at the work, that is, quality and fast completion time, the price offered is very worthwhile. Easy way deal, tutorials and guides are simple enough! Actually the results and quality of our website, MNM Services is worth 10 times the cost. Thank you Berjayaweb.

En Yusri Hamden

En Yusri HamdenPetaling Jaya, Selangor - MNM Services

Web at Rank 1 Google

Congratulations to Mr Imran for helping me set up my paired web sales fast and help upgrade my web rank to # 1 on Google listings. Keep up a good word Mr Imran!

Encik Azman

Encik AzmanSelangor - Cartrust