BERJAYAWEB is a service brand under our company Rapidova (002548484P) has become the demand of SME companies in Malaysia and individuals who need technical assistance in information technology and online marketing. We are happy to be able to help almost the company, especially in the construction of the website since 2012 and the growing demand is growing every day.

BERJAYAWEB has started its service in 2012 under the name of the business of Imran Niaga Enterprise (SA0234933-A) before the business name is re-branded to Rapidova. BERJAYAWEB is 7 years old experienced in providing the best service to its customers in Malaysia. The company’s major services are the construction of websites and eCommerce websites and related systems.

Throughout our services, our customers are comprised of various business and agency sectors. BERJAYAWEB was originally established on the basis of helping small and medium entrepreneurs to get business blogs to market their business.

BERJAYAWEB later gained a place in Google search and many customers were keen to get the BERJAYAWEB service. On the basis of the demand for corporate and eCommerce websites, the two types of construction services are then opened for reservations. In 2012, BERJAYAWEB became the choice of Kosmo’s press journalist to put the story behind the owner’s name of BERJAYAWEB to the community. (Follow the press statement here).

Now, BERJAYAWEB under the name Rapidova moving forward in organizing web site development focused courses. The company is hopeful that efforts will help more entrepreneurs own their own website, increase sales revenue and thus save thousands of ringgit in terms of technical-related websites.

We are keen on honesty in matters as 80% of online transactions are a bit of a challenge for companies and customers. However, the experience of these years has brought us to the finish of everything successfully.

Why Customer Choose Us?

Our expertise is to help new and experienced entrepreneurs in the business by owning a professional website, to highlight the company’s marketplace and products to the public and locally and internationally.

  1. Trusted Company
    We have been quoted in KOSMO! in 2012 as an online entrepreneur in web site construction.
  2. Special Price
    We still need affordable prices because that’s our original principle set up to help entrepreneurs own the web.
  3. Punctual
    Time for a project is very important for the customer and company’s business. We are concerned about the project’s completion time.
  4. Business Honesty
    Honesty in our affairs helps us survive so far even though many negotiations are long-distance and just online.
  5. Professional Consultation
    Every preliminary negotiation will be given official quotes and invoices. Information is provided to ensure the smooth running of the project.
  6. 7 Years Experiences
    Since 2012 we have been operating, the various customer concepts and requests have gone through. This makes us really know what you want.
  7. After-Sales Help
    Our constant help is given if a customer has problems with web management, systems and the like.